Important web development concepts from my experience so far from many articles I’ve read online. Links are provided for most of them.

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Here is my application of principles of Deliberate Practice on 11.28.2022. I use the GitHub repository as a diary to easily save activity from any device and as self-observing feedback.

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Solve the problem recursively and iteratively

  • fibbonaci
  • factorial
  • traverse filesystem


  • which was more difficult and why?
  • what are the differences?
  • why was the more difficult one difficult?

Learn recurrences in math

  • Tower of Hanoi explanation:
  • Find a problem solvable by recurrence and solve it.
  • Reccurrence relation versus recurrence equation.
  • Recurrences are math subject
  • Setting up good foundation in recurrence equations will help me solve recursion problems.

Recognize problems solvable by recursion



Behold my loop abomination. After I saw a C++ loop I thought what can I put in the in the for(;;) statement? It seems I can put quite a bit in there.

What can I put in the for(;;) {} loop source code

Table of Content

  1. The Inspiration
  2. The Idea
  3. The result

The Inspiration

The piece of the C++ code that inspired me.

The Idea

Create a for loop. Use functions to check what runs when. Put functions in:

  • Initialize location
  • Check location
  • Increment location

Use Immediately Invoked Function Expression to return value immediately. That allows us to “trick” the loop that everything is fine.

The result

Behold my loop abomination.

What can I put in the for(;;) {} loop source code



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